time based - ideas

2017 09 17 Projections

dual projection, hand painted 16mm (diagonally painted 16mm half black/half white frame)

shutter gelled CMy, video signal of surveillance camera used as audio

projection filmed


untitled (waves crashing) - 2017

crashing waves under pier, s8mm, sequenced in camera 

16fps projected at 8fps, 4:43, silent

filmed on the coast of California on Braun Nizo camera.

50 Ft Kodak Color Reversal - 2k overscan


loop - 2017

in camera sequence

mini-dv, 7:08, sound


20180313 3d

midtown manhattan

anaglyph 3d, 1:37 


untitled (2017 r1, r2) - 2017

forest, s8mm, sequenced in camera

16fps, negative, 7:01, silent

100 ft tri-x hand processed w/ d-76 - Projection filmed